moon temple 2

by Autority
created Nov 10, 2015
395 views | 640 downloads

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map notes
Inspired to the moon temple.
I hope the camera is ok.


said Nov 10, 2015
The camera is a bit too zoomed out for my taste. You can reduce the need to zoom out so far by locking the camera to certain screen regions when needed (instead of always being centered on the player). Great map otherwise!
said Nov 10, 2015
Very nice map, fun challenge! The camera is really zoomed out in some parts but I think it's ok, since you can easily see what you have's a good compromise after all
said Nov 10, 2015
Very nice map, I thought the design was great! I kind of see what the previous commenter's mean about the camera but it didn't really bother me. I loved it, its quite challenging and I can see myself spending some time playing it =] Thanks for the map mate.
said Nov 10, 2015
It very much conveys the feeling of moon temple.

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