by Byronyello
created May 16, 2012
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map notes
My fifth(!) map. I've given it the look of a city in construction, and it is around the mid-Silver difficulty. Have fun.


said May 17, 2012
Fun map but empty background.
said May 18, 2012
Hmm, it felt like that, but I didn't know what to put in it. I kinda guess the "bare bones" feel is quite good for this map(foundations and all that), but I don't know. Thanks!
said May 18, 2012
Please remember to use tags.
said May 18, 2012
Thanks for judging the quality of the ma- ohwait.

I don't see why I should.
said May 20, 2012
The only gripe I have is the connection at the end--I'll be the first to admit that I'm megabad at dashing off of ramps and I found more often than not that I would end up under the final platform rather than racing along the top of it. While I tried to work with this (including a strategy where I saved a bit of extra meter for the super at the end, allowing me to just heavy strike one of the enemies from below to get the last bit of bar needed) I found that it just didn't work out. Maybe try either A: zooming the camera out a bit there, just because when you're moving that quickly and the camera is so close as it follows you it turns into more spray n' pray than actual reflex work, or B: lowering the connection point for the final platform just a bit so us scrubbies can get our kicks in without getting sad. Though I think just a bit of a camera fix would do the trick, otherwise interesting map.
edited May 20, 2012
said May 22, 2012
Hehe, thanks. Sorry for the lil' space there. I thought it was easy that, but whoops. If I ever have such a cheap trick in there next time, I'll be sure to try and fix that. :D
said May 20, 2012
Fun map, and the secret area was wonderfully tough, but the secret area was also RIDICULOUSLY hard to read. I had to question several times what was and wasn't a platform, and that was no fun. Other than that though, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
said May 22, 2012
I tried to make the secret area really hard, so I'm happy to see it is wonderfully tough, rather than the annoying tough. Wierdly enough, I could see the difference between the background tiles and foreground ones, but I don't know. Thanks for the feedback!

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