Mirror Flake

by mizzy
created Oct 20, 2015
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map notes
well... here we are (sorry in advance if the camera doesn't work properly, i have no idea what i'm doing)

This is a very Dustworth map, focused around effective use of aerial dashjumps. I tried to make the spacing as lenient as possible without allowing any section to be cheesed, but it still might take a while to figure out. The checkpoint before the large gap makes it a bit inconvenient to practice for S finesse but it felt a little rough without it. Good luck, hopefully it's not too hard

With that said, thanks a bunch to indapop for helping out!

(I put a quick run up just incase anything is too obscure)
edited Jun 22, 2021


said Oct 20, 2015
can't do 2nd checkpoint with ghosting :(
said Oct 20, 2015
"Helping" is too generous. I'd call it struggling.

This map is REALLY cool. All of the jumps seem impossibly far, yet work perfectly.
said Mar 23, 2016
Mirror Flake complete. Sick map Anand :)
said Mar 23, 2016
what a god

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