John Cenas Room

by TwinkieSWF
created Sep 30, 2015
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map notes
"Even I, WWE Champ John Cena, need a clean room!" - John Cena 2015

John Cena's Room is the direct sequel to the highly-acclaimed fan favorite, John Cena Not So Difficult. In this map, you will get the chance to clean up John Cena's bedroom, but only if you're MAN enough! Are you man enough to clean his room, or are you just a no-good scaredy cat?


DISCLAIMER: This map is very spooky. You won't last 2 seconds in this map without spooking your pants. This map is purely for the meme. If you did not enjoy John Cena Not So Difficult, then don't even bother downloading this map.

DISCLAIMER #2: This map is 100% impossible to with Dustkid and Dustworth.

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retagged Aug 3, 2016


said Sep 30, 2015
said Oct 4, 2015
Too Hard, I got a CC.   Five Flames.

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