by bengarrr
created May 11, 2012
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map notes
Here's another Mirror's Edge inspired level of one of my favorite maps from the game. I tried to experimenting with multiple routes near the end, you have to be really fast through all of them to keep up your combo. I also toned down the background to make it a little easier to see the right path, instead of getting washed out, but I didn't want to make it too dark otherwise it loses the aesthetic. Anyways hope you all enjoy.


said May 11, 2012
I really like this one, loved the De Stijl-esque backgrounds and level architecture. The Multiple routes at the end were really fun
said May 11, 2012
I get why people would like this kind of design, but I personally find that it does more bad for the map than it does good, it makes the run just extremely confusing and frustrating.
said May 11, 2012
<3 the style

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