John Cena Not So Difficult

by TwinkieSWF
created Aug 13, 2015
466 views | 708 downloads

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map notes
"This map sucks!" - John Cena 2015

This map is the sequel to the highly-acclaimed fan favorite, EXEC FUNC JOHN CENA. In this map, you will get the opportunity to have a pleasant conversation with John Cena, but can you do it before accidentally getting an SS?


DISCLAIMER: This map is overwhelmingly easy. You will not NOT SS this map. This map is purely for you chumps out there. If you did not enjoy John Cena Difficult or EXEC FUNC JOHN CENA, then you should definitely download this map.

DISCLAIMER #2: This map is 100% possible with all characters.
retagged Aug 3, 2016


said Aug 13, 2015
the camera sucks
said Aug 13, 2015
YOU LIED TO ME! I got an SA...

Edit: Nope, I can't figure out how to SS it.  The apple calls to me!

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