Night shift

by Autority
created Aug 5, 2015
373 views | 633 downloads

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map notes
If you don't like the map "Backup shift", don't dare this map.
It's the reverse "Backup shift" map but in some way easier in my opinion, I made some changes.


said Aug 5, 2015
I'd say you did a good job capturing the feel of Backup Shift. Also a bit more enjoyable than the actual Backup Shift in my opinion. Just a few things :
- The secret is really nice. Definetly liked that
- The drop into spikes was kinda BS. I'd already used my air charge and didn't have time to hit the barrel
- Seems like there's spikes missing in some places (I counted at least 3). Not sure if this is a reference to Backup Shift's missing spikes but the accidental dust spread can be annoying
said Aug 5, 2015
2 things:      
1. Welcome back!      
2. Before uploading, you should check if a map with the same name has already been published:
kill the dustbinary
said Aug 5, 2015
Nice to see you making more maps! I really like Backup Shift, and I really like this, not much else to say.
Luke's Cat
said Aug 5, 2015
Blind drops are my favorite
said Aug 6, 2015
Honestly, I don't like Backup Shift; however, this map is awesome! I spent about 45 mins going for my quick SS. Great work!

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