by Jope
created Jul 31, 2015
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map notes
Result of my first day messing with the editor but I'm proud of what I got done.


Probably not Towelie
said Jul 31, 2015
Great for a first effort man. I would advise against those kinds of jumps at the beginning though because people don't seem to have a decent idea of how to slope boost despite having over 1000 hours in the game. (I like them though, so you'll have my seal of approval amidst the torrential sea of downvotes if that's any comfort).
said Aug 1, 2015
Yeah, was a bit concerned about that first jump. Even went as far as to put some leaves on the base of the slope to try to signalize the player that you're not supposed to slide down it all the way from the top.

Thanks for the comment!
said Aug 1, 2015
amazing for a first map! Little but awkward at parts though.
said Aug 1, 2015
Thanks! Can you be more specific on which parts you considered awkward? Was it the long string of jump resets placed with different spacing between one another? :x
said Aug 1, 2015
Nice map! I like the ending slope
Luke's Cat
said Aug 1, 2015
Ending is cooler without a super... but that is probably just me.
said Aug 5, 2015

the walls are 1-2 tiles too far apart here; jumping between them feels sluggish. just bring them closer; this doesn't affect the difficulty at all

the beginning could be a little more forgiving; moving everything right 1 or 2 tiles would make it much easier and consistent to get the jump required to start the level.

overall well done though

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