Windy Lab

by 1ndolence
created Jul 28, 2015
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map notes
Hey! It's my first map, I didn't want to extend it too much to avoid a boring and repetitive map due to my inexperience in the level editor.

edit: i'm stupid
edited Jul 29, 2015


said Jul 29, 2015
Generally slides into spikes are viewed as un-fun. Keep at it tho!
said Jul 29, 2015
Thanks, I'll fix that for the next map :)
said Jul 29, 2015
Pretty cool fun short map. A couple of minor complaints:
-You generally want to try to avoid using dustblocks for background stuff, especially when it looks like its on the foreground (like it does on the map), because it can lead to confusion. You can solve this by using fog triggers to make things look like they are on the background/"farther away" (see this map for a good example on how to use dustblocks in a non confusing way:

-Making slides, sloepeboosts or anything that gives you speed lead directly into spikes is, generally speaking, not a good idea, although I like the way you did it on this map.
said Jul 29, 2015
Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I thought it might be confused with dust but after testing the level several times I got used to it (and consequently forgot it). About the slide, the level was too easy and short that I wanted to add a difficulty... slide-spikes aren't a good combination apparently. Well, thanks again!
said Jul 30, 2015
I actually like the slide in to spikes on this level, but its generally a thing you want to try to avoid or use sparingly throughout a level and always using the camera to give the player a heads up of whats coming ahead.
said Jul 29, 2015
My any% is funky

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