Mountain Passage

by Giamma
created Jul 27, 2015
488 views | 773 downloads

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mountain snow

map notes
This summer is so hot that also a supposed snowy map doesn't have to much snow.

There are 2 apples to find.

Thanks to Tropicallo.


said Jul 27, 2015
Could easily be a stockmap, very nice work!
Probably not Towelie
said Jul 27, 2015
Beginning looked a lot like chasm but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not, in fact, chasm but a Giamma map. It looks wonderful and plays quite nicely.
said Jul 27, 2015
Yeah it's looked like Chasm  because it's a modification of that map. I wanted to do the same thing I did with Dead Leaves, but then I decided to make a new route (mostly inspired by Ascent).
Though the beginning and the ending are basically Chasm in layout and some background stuff.

That's why it seems a stock map I guess xD

Thanks for comments!
said Jul 28, 2015
super fun. obligatory comment.
said Jul 28, 2015
Needs more back heavies, still a 10/5 tho :p
edited Jul 28, 2015
said Jul 28, 2015
Urgh I need to figure out how to get maps off the Atlas because I really want to play this map. The thumbnail looks so pretty!
said Jul 29, 2015
"Install and Play" not working? Have you tried running dustforce in admin mode?
said Jul 29, 2015
Try clicking "direct file download" and then moving it into your levels folder :) "Install and play" only worked for me on the steam version.
said Jul 29, 2015
You can create a shortcut to the levels folder and put it in your desktop so you dont have to go searching for it everytime you want to download a level.
said Jul 29, 2015
Yeah I discussed it with Vox and my Dad hasn't been around to switch my account on the computer to admin until today so I can get maps off the Atlas now when I run as admin but when I run as an admin my map that I've been working on isn't there. x_x;;
Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 31, 2015
Giamma maps are always a treat.  They're as much fun to play as they are to reverse engineer art from.

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