Countryside Mountain

by Meiya
created Jul 26, 2015
295 views | 672 downloads

/ 15 votes

/ 9 votes

map notes
I initially wanted to use the same blocks and fog trigger as in Shaded Grove however it looks pretty bad in more open maps. So I made it red wooooo!

I think the gameplay is very similar to it, with boost opportunities everywhere, dash jumps and ledge cancels.

Most of the dust placement was made for dustman so it should be perfect for him.
Any% for worth.


Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 26, 2015
Good art, good map.  Shaded Grove is just a fun idea.  I made my own remake of it a while ago, but I wonder how many more people we can convince to make their own groves.
said Jul 26, 2015
A very good map.
said Jul 26, 2015
amazing as always! fairly linear which was a little bit deterring to me but great as always 5/5

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