Summer Fun

by TwinkieSWF
created Jul 23, 2015
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map notes
"It's the first day of summer and everyone is out having fun, but the job isn't over for you, for there are streets to clean! Have fun soaking in on the summer fun and exploring the town about, for there are stories to be heard and secrets to find!"


This was originally a map based on a place I went to while on vacation, but I stopped working on it for a while, then decided to change it to fit the criteria for Mapmaking Contest 05. The idea was to liven up the town with NPCs doing summer activities so that not only would the map look like summer, it would feel like summer as well.

Thanks to Shin for doing the camera work for me!
retagged Aug 3, 2016


said Jul 24, 2015
This is really cute. I had to replay it several times because I was getting distracted by all the dialog.
I like it. Good job.
said Jul 24, 2015 do I get a prize
said Jul 24, 2015
You got the band back together! Dustkid and the Apple-chans!
said Jul 24, 2015
he's on a mission from god
Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 24, 2015
There are some spots where the camera might not be very good.  I did it late at night and only tested once.
said Jul 25, 2015
It feels very different from other maps - all the people and dialogue really make it feel alive.  I found that the camera doesn't like to move back if you miss the enemies high up just after the wedding.

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