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map notes
From the makers of "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll?"   comes  "How many backheavies can you fit into a map?". The answer is "not enough".

This is my entry to the map making competition, spring themed map that can be beaten in ~45 secs, which I started about 2 days ago (yay for procrastination).

I suck at art, and generally have someone else do it for me, but I think Im happy with how this one turned out. As mentioned earlier, I decided to go with spring, which can be hard to convey. My first attempt at making the art ended up being something like this: ,  but that didnt feel like spring at all (also some people complained about it being a bit of an eyesore). I then tried to go for a more traditional interpretation of spring, but I wasnt a fan of that either, so I ended up going with this more fairy-like type of spring. I tried to not overuse the 4 flower props there are and convey a springy-ish art style through other stuff.

Gameplay is based around back heavies, because I think they are incredibly fun and cool looking. I kept the map a bit on the shorter side because I felt most people would get bored of the back heavy mechanic and I was running out of ideas :p.

Thanks to shin for doing the camera and some testing.


Some stuff I tried to mimic/took inspiration from:

Alternate map names: Floral, Knot Very Good (suggested by shin)

"Squid_Rekkoha> Your maps hurt my head, every time.
<Squid_Rekkoha> Only Kuro's maps hurt my head more.
<Squid_Rekkoha> You are 1/2 Kuro.
<Squid_Rekkoha> But not Kuroonehalf"
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Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 23, 2015
I said all those things.
said Jul 24, 2015
I'm so bad
said Jul 24, 2015
The colors really reminds me the spring, great job! I wanted to get a decent run but since I switched to 360 controller I suck, especially with back heavies :/

Lol for Shin comments in the description
edited Jul 24, 2015
said Jul 24, 2015
Thanks a lot Giamma!

I dont play on keyboard, but I imagine back heavies on controller are a bit harder to pull off than on kb, since you can easily input right+down when trying to input just right, which lead to accidental down heavies or down dashes. Happens to me more often than I'd like to admit :p
edited Jul 24, 2015
said Jul 25, 2015
so much this. the precise movement for back side-heavies is tough on analog
said Jul 26, 2015
Got a decent run! I re-used the Wii controller (I'm not a keyboard player, it's just boring everytime connect the controller via I switched to a wired 360 but it's so imprecise for me D:)

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