Autumn Drought

by Riokaii
created Jul 22, 2015
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map notes
My entry into the mapmaking competition, the theme was kinda odd to me since spring and summer are very hard to convey in a map, and i thought there were plenty of winter maps already made (alpine comes to mind)  so i went with a map that still had a visual theme to it that I wanted to work with.

I really tried to bring in the Autumn feel with the changing colors of the leaves, and then falling off into piles on the ground. I tried to convey a "time passing" in the fog triggers as you progress through the map with changing to day/night a couple times aswell as the leaves changing color. I also wanted the map to "feel" very warm in colors as it went on to match the leaves so i made it seem like a really hot day or a drought was happening which is where i got the map name :).

Anyways the gameplay of this map is kinda weird, i experimented with a few things since this map was already quite an experiment on my end, i tried to make it flow as well as possible but i also want to get away from my stale style a little bit and make things just a little bit awkward and tough to figure out at a first glance. I also tried to make a lot of the geometry feel very natural and uneven and jagged, with some small stone plates to still give you some flat stuff every so often.

Hope you like it, I really had fun with this map, it was a lot of work but I think it turned out pretty good!

Thanks to Calistus and Towelie for some first-half playtesting and a bit of art feedback to help me out :)
edited Jul 22, 2015


said Jul 22, 2015
I checked my option and backgrounds was not disabled. I'm sure it would be very pretty with some background art.
said Jul 22, 2015
Yeah i thought the map looked weird without background tiles, which is hwy i added the stone stuff originally, but i also wanted you to really be able to see the sky so people would get the time shifting thing. The background is definitely the part i'm least-happy about with this map but it's okay, something to learn from i guess
said Jul 25, 2015
Nice tree at the end...  I got what you were trying to do with the changing background and non-obvious routing (didn't read the description beforehand), but I'm not sure it worked for me:

I felt the background changes were just a distraction (maybe they're too fast?).

I kept getting a nagging feeling that I needed to go back to check some dust I skipped, only to find out you get to it later on.
said Jul 26, 2015
i don't mind the lack of BG really, as the feeling was correct =] (liked the end too)
haha never saw a map were our janitors needed days to complete it XD
said Jul 26, 2015
Wish you had made the background changes a bit more subtle. Cool map though, definitely managed to mix things up. Seems to take quite some practice to get the flow down, but the top runs look neat.
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks to your levels, I discover new aspects of the game. Thank you so much!

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