by Seraphin
created Jul 19, 2015
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map notes
My first real map.

I don't know how to pick a level icon.

Please leave any criticism/suggestions in the comments below
edited Jul 19, 2015


said Jul 19, 2015
First SS!!!!!!

This is a nice map, just a bit slow with some weird sections. I like it actually but not for its leaderboards potential
said Jul 20, 2015
i kinda like it as a map, but the small space in some sections force the character to behave in a weird way. I liked the dustblocks sections, even if you can cheat on the first one. For the transition from platform to platform i think is better to have a 90° end, instead of a 45°
said Jul 20, 2015
For the last suggestion, thanks a lot, for some reason I didn't think about that-- when I was making the map I was trying to figure out how to make it less awkward and for some reason I couldn't do it.
said Jul 22, 2015
Where did i miss dust??
said Jul 22, 2015
My best guess is that the game didn't like you hitting the dust on the last block and the prism at the same time.
said Jun 20, 2023
Your talent in level design is extraordinary. A big thank you!

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