8 Souls

by Meiya
created Jul 18, 2015
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map notes
I managed to finish this today after months of no progression.

You have to find the 8 npcs.
There is one ending (a prism) somewhere.
Don't bother with dustkid as some jumps are impossible with this character.
Yes, the summit checkpoint is hard.

A story was initially planed but it required a much bigger map and I really couldn't do it.

Everything is detailed, this map took me hours to design. I can't tell if I had fun. Probably not.

forgot the song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCzKswWwLzk
edited Jul 18, 2015


said Jul 18, 2015
Can't say much yet as there is a lot to explore but the decorations are spot on amazing. Will def be exploring more later!
said Jul 18, 2015
Thank you
said Jul 18, 2015
Great map! I wish that it was possible to maintain combo without the apples however :p spent a while trying to bring them with me but it was just too much of a pain.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 18, 2015
Well, you got me.  I was looking for the 8 NPCs, exploring areas in loops and finding 0 NPCs.  Then I found 8 NPCs.  Well played.
said Jul 18, 2015
said Jul 18, 2015
I aimed for the top, fun map.
said Jul 18, 2015
Thank you
said Jul 18, 2015
It's good, I love the decoration and scenery!
>Make it possible to SS
>Make some of the "Summit" jumps easier
>Make it so you don't have to murder apples for the super, just add a super trigger. This would help with the SS issue as well.
said Jul 18, 2015
said Jul 18, 2015
You've made quite some progress while I was away, nice !
Also good job on the other maps !
said Jul 19, 2015
I would suggest for a map of this nature make the final prism the only object. That way the player can get the SS while still finding all of the NPCs at their own pace. I enjoyed this map :)
said Jul 19, 2015
This is literally everything I wanted to see in a custom Dustforce map.
Some of the fog triggers are later than they should be I feel however.
said Jul 20, 2015
Great job, definitely one of my favorite exploration maps.
said Jul 20, 2015
Now just to see who will fly the apples all the way to the prism (assuming the death zones allow for that to be plausible).
said Sep 13, 2015
you rang?
said Jul 21, 2015
This is the map I wanted to make when i made dustless realm
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks to you, I discover new techniques in the game. Thanks a lot!

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