Chroma Redux

by bengarrr
created May 10, 2012
350 views | 669 downloads

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map notes
Fixed the lighting issues

A tribute to one of my favorite games of all time, and very near to Dustforce, Mirror's Edge. For anybody who's played Mirror's Edge, which I hope all dusters have, I think this level does it justice. It's a homage to the "Pure Time Trial DLC" that came after Mirror's Edge was released. It's a little short but, so were a lot of the pure time trials in that game. Hope you all enjoy!


said May 10, 2012
Great level design, perfect flow, and very well done background/foreground. Awesome job.
said May 11, 2012
mmmm its alright... massive readability issues though.
said May 11, 2012
I like the level and the Mondriaan-esque detailing, but yeah, making some of the foreground/background bits the same colour as the solid bits does take some getting used to (and falling through). Still though, nice and compact and pretty fun.

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