Green Omega

by CreatorBrian
created Jun 19, 2015
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omega stages

map notes
The first of the Omega Stages.  These stages were made to be particularly challenging; good luck with the SS!


said Jun 19, 2015
You might think it's challenging, but it's really just annoying.
said Jun 19, 2015
really tight  and annoying movement, needs a more zoomed out camera (at the start and the end mostly) Didn't like this one
said Jun 19, 2015
The main problem I had with this level is the spacing in which I felt surrounded by spikes at every corner. The difficults showcase how spacing between spikes and platforms can be fair but challenging.
said Jun 19, 2015
This isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be, nor nearly as hard as you make it out to be.
said Jun 20, 2015
Luke's Cat
said Jun 20, 2015
Had to double check I had not checked disable checkpoints :(
said Jun 20, 2015
The checkpoints could have been placed better, and the section with the first ceiling slide kills the flow of the map. Aside from that I thought it was fun! Nice map!

EDIT: Luke's smart. I'm dumb. The ceiling is fine.
edited Jun 20, 2015
Luke's Cat
said Jun 20, 2015
Just do the strat that I did. Flow can remain intact.
said Jun 20, 2015
Whats with the stigma that no checkpoints means a map is harder? If there's a spot to put a checkpoint, put it there. If you want it hard, design it to be hard but fair, not annoying or punishing. For me, I just felt that the last section was boring by comparison to the rest of the map. Forcing the little dash jumps off the tiny platforms isn't fun either when you're trying to prevent them from landing on it. That's not a cool mechanic, that's just annoying.

I liked the part with the blocks that you jump and jump onto a ceiling slide, but the little platform made it not flow into the next section well. You put a block to stand on there, which could have had a checkpoint. If you just move things around, this level could be so much more fun, yet still challenging.
said Jun 21, 2015
Good map!

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