by Brilhante
created May 30, 2015
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map notes
make the wolf to follow to the end.
red color canceled attack.
green color enabled attack.
to have classification SS first clean the wolf, then destroy the prism!


said May 30, 2015
this is the first and only map I did because what I do is not very efficient with what I have available.
said May 30, 2015
If you ever make another wolf maze map, I suggest you look into my wolf maze map.  Been somewhat pondering making another now that you can do no attack triggers that has you and the wolf in the same area at times.  http://atlas.dustforce.com/3919/wolf-force

I spent a fair bit of time trying to make things like wolf checkpoints, Steal anything you like, for sure.
said May 31, 2015
This is a reaaly cool concept and should definitely be explored further!

EDIT: just played your other recent maps. I like this!
said May 31, 2015
"steal anything you like, for sure."
I did not understand?????
said May 31, 2015
well your idea and make the wolf passes through the obstacles until the end.
my idea and make the wolf follow you and you pass by the obstacles.
in my opinion is pure coincidence that similar maps or idea.

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