Azure Valley

by Shin Rekkoha
created May 23, 2015
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map notes
"This map is intended to be SS-able by day 1 beginner players, but still have some depth for our community pros."

   The overwhelming majority of Atlas custom maps are simply impossible for new players with less than ~20 hours (at least) of experience to even complete, let alone comfortably SS.  This is not a fault with the game, or the community, or new players, or anything really.  It's no one's fault, but it IS the reality.  This game is already standoff-ish enough to new players, and I'm going to try and do something about it.  From now on, you will see a lot more easy maps from me.

   "But Shin, your maps are already too easy-" shut up Lightning.

   They will be easy as defined by a new player or by Hitbox team's key system, and not easy as defined by us veterans.  In some ways I personally am finding it more difficult to add complexity and fun to these maps when they don't require any advanced movement, but I'll figure it out.  You guys can handle the "flawless or dead" Towelie-style flow maps, and I'll take on this path.  I've made slope boosty "easy" maps before, but this is really my first true "Downhill" map with respect to the stock map's difficulty and design.  There are no checkpoints on this map because it is impossible to die, but there is a bear at the end to super.  You can SS this map without ever holding down or pressing dash.  I encourage linking of this map to new player streams to show off Atlas and what can be accomplished beyond the bounds of the stock maps.  The art reflects my best effort, but even when I try my best, my art just isn't as good as Meark, DustCreep, and Giamma.  It's important to have goals to strive for, even if you can't always reach them right away.

If you want a top time, you better be able to:
-Slope boost
-Slant boost
-Ground boost
-Maintain Dash Rhythm
-Do the LOOP (and get a sick corner boost)
-Attack dust to save time
-Attack dust through walls
-Mantle and/or Ledge Cancel
-Become one with your inner janitor

Recommended Music:
I couldn't decide on a song and went with what fits the most in my heart.
retagged Dec 18, 2015


said May 23, 2015
very beautiful map really!!!
and play is very nice!!!
Shin Rekkoha
said May 23, 2015
Here's a lifehack:  You can double right-click a Youtube video to pull up a submenu that gives you the option to infinite loop a video.  This is useful for songs you want to keep playing that don't have an extended version, like for the recommended song.
edited May 24, 2015
said May 24, 2015
didn't work for me
Shin Rekkoha
said May 24, 2015
Your browser sucks?  Iunno, I guess I didn't test every browser: just Chrome.
said Jun 5, 2015
Now it works
said May 23, 2015
Love your apple thingies bro, love em a lot.
said May 24, 2015
Shin's a poet.

I liked it a lot!
said May 28, 2015
Wait what's wrong with this map? Why aren't you happy? I think it all looks really beautiful and peaceful which matches the gameplay perfectly. You've added parallaxing layers to give the map more depth I think it's fine the way it is. :D
Shin Rekkoha
said Jun 26, 2015
Well thanks, but I'm still not happy with the fact that I can't put bright blue flowers onto dark green grass and have both parallax at the same speed in the background.  It just feels like it's missing stuff in the end.
said Sep 16, 2015
<There are no checkpoints on this map because it is impossible to die>
I think i found a deathzone back there XD

And whoa what a pretty map, the apples are better poets than a lot of ppl i know hehe

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