by Blueeyedrat
created May 18, 2015
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map notes
Colony 02 is currently off-limits to all non-authorized personnel. Colonies 01, 03, and 04 shall remain open to the public until further notice. We appreciate your cooperation.
-- Department of Maintenance

Thanks to Sivade and BigDiesel2m for their feedback.


said May 18, 2015
felt a little weird. not very difficult, but kinda fun. Going secret hunting now :)
said May 18, 2015
wow, no secrets? I do like the time vs score routes though.
said May 18, 2015
There are two apples. I think one of them can only be reached with kid or worth.
said May 18, 2015
there are 2? I found one already, but it didn't feel so secret to me :S
said May 19, 2015
Found both :)

The first one barely doesn't require a super with Dustman
said May 19, 2015
Love the any% on this.
I always went "Damn that's neat!" when I saw an extra slope. Good job dude!
said May 19, 2015
Really pretty level. I liked a lot the setting and the colors.
The thumbnail does not do justice to the map!
said May 19, 2015
I completely agree with Snow and Giamma, really cool level.
You should have used the backgroung with the glass tile, it's so pretty.
Shin Rekkoha
said May 19, 2015
It doesn't suck.  That's some of the highest praise I've ever posted on Atlas.  I think the lab tiles at the start are kinda ugly but the rest of the map looks nicer.  I jumped around a bit trying to break the camera, and I can get it to do some jerky fast-zooming but otherwise it seems rock-solid.
said May 20, 2015
it's definitely quite pretty and the whole separate colonies with different environments thing reminds me of Metroid Fusion but at first blush the starting lab environment suffers from a lot of "what can i stand on" syndrome. i think the green tint is a little overdone and lends more of a sickly than verdant air to the whole thing.

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