by Shin Rekkoha
created Apr 4, 2015
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map notes
"I hate taking orders..."

The target is their underground laboratory.  Your mission is to destroy all 32 of the power crystals and thus shut down the lab... permanently.  "Why" you ask?  Because we told you to, that's why.  THAT'S AN ORDER, AGENT!  Agent CleanSweep, you do remember what happened the last time you disobeyed my orders... don't you?

Amelioration could have been so much more.  There were plenty of ways to make this map more diverse and more fun, but I didn't.  I kept the bare minimum of this concept and nothing else, and I mostly finished the map just because "at least it's different from the other CMR maps".  Really, it won't bother me if noone likes this map at all.  Enjoy.

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edited Apr 4, 2015


Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 5, 2015
I have to admit I was pretty surprised by the [non-1bomb-troll] ratings putting this map ahead of Hex Mix.  This map is badderino kapparino, but people like it.
said Apr 5, 2015
You made a prism stuck in wall map that doesn't suck for dustkid.   You should feel ashamed.
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 5, 2015
I feel ashamed every day of my life.  Also, if the prisms are any closer to the surface then you can spread dust on the exterior walls when you heavy.

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