Temple Of The Wind

by Riokaii
created Feb 27, 2015
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map notes
Thanks to Giamma for doing the background and decorating on this map, It fits really well!

This level is a bit different from the previous two as I tried to convey more of a theme with the gameplay this time around, Let me know if you like it!


said Feb 27, 2015
It has gud gameplay and gud graphics. Keep these collabs coming pls
said Feb 28, 2015
I'm really enjoying the appearance of these levels but I'm not digging the flow or the type of execution they're designed for. It's a personal preference, but I think attacking to clear dust should be a secondary method of clearing instead of the primary focus of the level's design.
said Feb 28, 2015
100x this. great look to the levels, but not very enjoyable to play - feels like a chore to get all the dust, on top of awkward platform placement. Sun temple was a much better implementation of the theme though
said Feb 28, 2015
Well the majority of maps are not designed this way. I think Bird's style of gameplay has its place
said Mar 1, 2015
Bird's map tend to feel very much like stock maps, with somewhat akwardly placed platforms and random dust. They are not particularly hard levels to beat, but are very fun to route and find strats for, but it comes with the cost of sometimes not feeling very "flowy". Its definetly a matter of preference.
said Feb 28, 2015
attacking to clear dust is great if it's finding a way to beat the intentional route, but requiring it can be a little annoying at times.
said Feb 28, 2015
Really really great level imho though, but i do think that indapop and brudish bring up a good point

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