Union Jack v2

by Leap
created Feb 7, 2015
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map notes
version 2: all the enemies are linked to the end flag: apparently links to end flag can't  go over a certain distance.
It sucks I had to scrap the ending scene.

H.R.H. has choosen you, trusty chimney sweeper, to clean up this mess

I wanted to do a single-screen map(like Giamma's Mini Metro and Bonus Stage), the result is a medium difficulty map focused around aerial control.

It works with every character and can be SS in under 20sec.


Giamma - tinkering with his maps has been helpful

Feedback is welcomed
retagged Apr 27, 2017


Shin Rekkoha
said Feb 7, 2015
It's a good attempt, but a flag just can't compare to the majesty of our lord and savoir Grumpy Cat:  http://atlas.dustforce.com/3754/catastrophe
edited Feb 7, 2015
said Feb 7, 2015
Nah I prefer this one; behold our master Doge http://atlas.dustforce.com/3555/dogeforce
Shin Rekkoha
said Feb 7, 2015
We need more animals.
said Feb 7, 2015
I appreciate that the saltires are pinwheeled correctly.
said Feb 7, 2015
Fun map, 5/5

Edit: Nvm, 4/5, do US flag for 5/5
Shin Rekkoha
said Feb 7, 2015
said Feb 8, 2015
You made me giggle m8
said Feb 8, 2015
I prefer a landing platform when done.

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