by Blueeyedrat
created Feb 1, 2015
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map notes
A peaceful walk through the hills. Better bring a coat, just in case.

My first attempt at making a long map-- at least, longer than my previous entries. Also wanted to play around with a few design ideas (ice blocks, lighting).
retagged Feb 1, 2015


Probably not Towelie
said Feb 1, 2015
Cool level, I like the length but the routing (long falls) could be emphasized a bit more using cameras a little better, like widening the shot, or forcing the camera to pull downwards (or upwards) to lead the player in the right direction. All in all it's a good map so I'd give it a 4 out of 5.
said Feb 2, 2015
I like the gameplay but the camera is wonky in several places, it's also EXTREMELY hard to tell forground from background in this map, I didnt find the mansion dust very visible in certain sections either and I think staying with forest leaves would've been better. 3.5/5 from me
Shin Rekkoha
said Feb 2, 2015
I have the same issues.  Foreground is too easy to confuse with background in a few spots, and mansion dust is almost impossible to see in others.  The camera doesn't direct the player at all and I died to blind spike falls twice.
said Feb 4, 2015
The ending sky is really nice! Fun map

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