Odd Cave

by Leap
created Jan 30, 2015
361 views | 680 downloads

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map notes
Sorry for the re-upload!

I've fixed all the issue that you guys mentioned yesterday(thanks for the feedback):

- removed a spike section at the bottom of the map

- fixed camera issue related to a faster  and unexpected route

- Made all the falling sections  less leap of faith (pun intended)

- Reworked the final section of the map before the bear, I've taken inspiration from Dhalia, any% should flow better now.

- Added another secret.

I hope you like it.
retagged Jan 30, 2015


said Jan 30, 2015
Please don't remove maps after lots of people have played it.. Some of us put a lot of effort into getting perfect runs. You should take suggestions and apply them to your next maps, or make a v2

That being said, this version is much better
edited Jan 30, 2015
said Jan 30, 2015
I'm sorry, I've seen other creators choose this route and I thought it was the lesser of 2 evils; lesson learned.

I'll do as you say next time; btw this version is the final no more reuploads.
said Jan 30, 2015
Nice map! Simple and fun
said Jan 30, 2015
times from the first version just because

said Jan 30, 2015
also i think this was worth the reupload
said Jan 30, 2015
I wouldn't remake existing maps, even if they're your own. At least this soon. Just use what you've learned to improve on future maps.
said Jan 31, 2015
I didn't play the original, but this map was very good.  Didn't have much for problems with it.
said Jan 31, 2015
Thank you!

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