Knights in Walls

by crate
created Jan 26, 2015
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map notes
Two bad ideas that go bad together, together.

Try to enjoy?

Sorry Dustkid players your attacks don't go far enough so some things are harder.

"<fireball87> if you put enough science in it, no one will bitch"
edited Jan 26, 2015


said Jan 26, 2015
I cheesed it. Also I got a super. :p
said Jan 26, 2015
rip dustkid any% thecheesedream
said Jan 26, 2015
yes the tags are a bit of a lie
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 26, 2015
Crate, you know there's a trigger that disables super meter gain right?  You could have made this uncheesable.
said Jan 26, 2015
Yeah, I know, it's fine since it's slower to cheese (I didn't even test the any% and don't care, seems it's slower there too).  Besides, even I'm not going to make people fight the big group of knights at the end without a super :p
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 26, 2015
That's why you put a trigger to re-enable super at that part of the map, but only that part.
said Jan 26, 2015
if people want to hit the shields of the knights in the walls to farm a super to use on the knights in the walls that's fine with me
said Jan 27, 2015
I hadn't noticed this until I searched my name for no real reason.  What has science done.  Actually I thought it was pretty interesting, and more fun then it sounded in my head.  I like levels that go for odd stuff, so good job.  (That said, I never will improve my time of really damn slow.)

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