The Lab

by doicm
created Dec 23, 2014
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lab long

map notes
It's a compilation map of the original 12 lab maps.

I did verify that it is SS-able, so no worries there.
It'll probably be a bit difficult, but only as difficult as the original maps are in sequence.
Inspired by Ted's "The Forest" (look it up, because it's good), and followed by my own "The City" (although hopefully not as breakable...still worth looking up). Maybe will someday be followed up by "The Mansion" (no I'm not going to do that because it sounds like a nightmare in prop land).
Be wary of Vats, as you may miss some dustblocks there to prevent S completion.
If your comments say anything scathing about this map and the lack of accuracy about it, be aware that I could only copy/paste the tiles. Everything else that I tried to replicate was to the best of my own ability and is basically going to be awful to begin with.

Thanks to the testers for ...testing stuff and pointing out the last details. Thanks also to other people on #dustforce irc for putting up with my constant time signatures and updates for the map as well as the rants.

That's all for my excuses. Please enjoy/agonize the best that you can.
retagged Dec 23, 2014


said Dec 23, 2014
5/5. Can't find the dust i missed though?
said Dec 23, 2014
I think it's Vats. I looked at the replay, and I don't think you managed to hit all the slimeblocks on the second set of slimeblocks. The first super you did on the four slimes was while you were standing, which doesn't hit the remaining slimeblocks. I don't want to go back and rewatch the 8 minutes, but I believe that's where it was.
said Dec 27, 2014
said Dec 23, 2014
Abyss will be the end of me.
said Dec 23, 2014
Thanks to a new plugin, I was able to make a map of where the deaths in this level happen so far.
said Dec 23, 2014
Holy fuck I never knew this annoying spot is in the real backup shift as well lol. Nice compilation :)!
said Dec 23, 2014
tfw you just want to get s completion but fall to the bottom halfway through Abyss and cant get back up
said Dec 23, 2014
le this
said Dec 27, 2014
This so much. Made the original map annoying to practice as well, since you couldn't rely on checkpoints.
said Dec 24, 2014
Awesome work again
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 24, 2014
It's finally done!  Exciting times ahead.  Great job.
said Dec 24, 2014
core temple pls
said Dec 25, 2014
5/5 i love these combined default maps even though i always find the dumbest/easiest spots to choke
kill the dustbinary
said Dec 26, 2014
The choke temple is real. Though, I should probably learn actual SS strats before I play this, anyway.
said Dec 27, 2014
Containment drop rekt me. Wasn't expecting it and didnt have super.
said Dec 28, 2014
damn i went back to get sub 9 and did it under anonymous -_-

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