by Byronyello
created Dec 21, 2014
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map notes
My 15th map. When I said I had a map in the works, I wasn't lying! With my own lack of urgency in creating levels, I sometimes look at the quantity of maps created by others and get a little bit confused... but different people get results differently, I guess - c'est la vie. This is a mansion map of long length and hard difficulty, with quite a few different mechanics in play - I can only hope the camera works well enough to facilitate this style of map. Finally, there are four secrets to be found - 2 vista secrets (secrets where a pretty scene is shown) and 2 standard apple secrets. Have fun!


said Dec 21, 2014
Map is lots of fun, and the difficulty is sure...difficult. Only problem I have is that it lags quite a bit on my machine, so I hope it works better for others than it did for me.
said Dec 21, 2014
Apologies for the framerate issue; I myself experienced some issues during testing but I hand-waved it - partially because my computer is literally falling apart and the issues were admittedly rare, and partially because the scale of the map would need to be edited heavily in order to accommodate smaller camera sizes, etc. Again, apologies to all who have experienced these issues.
said Dec 21, 2014
Beautiful map! Definitely a challenge to complete.
said Dec 22, 2014
Good map! I got lost in the middle and then the camera got stuck and it became impossible to complete however.
Last Hope
said Dec 22, 2014
Difficult is an understatement, holy shit.
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 22, 2014
Inb4 every single SS replay is slow safe strats, but this map looks pretty.  It lags for me as well, in the places with the rain and ultra zoomed camera.
said Dec 25, 2014
ending crashes very easily if you don't have a super prepared, something to do with the root slimes seems like

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