by Shin Rekkoha
created Nov 26, 2014
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map notes
No person can actually enjoy that, can they?

   I took an unfinished map and hastily completed it for the recent CMR.  That race got postponed and things changed, so I'm gonna go ahead and publish it now.  This map is overall very easy, and I may have actually made it too easy in hindsight.  Well, difficulty is subjective for every player so hopefully you all enjoy it.  The route doesn't have a lot of room for optimization, as there's only one real way to play the map.  I added the small any% route for some variety.

The original layout was by Towelie, but in my quest to CMR-ify it I butchered the map...  :(

Appropriate Music:
retagged Dec 18, 2015


Luke's Cat
said Nov 26, 2014
Route after first checkpoint is a little confusing, maybe I'm just dumb.
Shin Rekkoha
said Nov 26, 2014
I sowwy :(
said Nov 26, 2014
No it pickled me to.
said Nov 26, 2014
The good news is I figured out how to dustkid, the bad news is I'm apparently unicode.
said Nov 26, 2014
I thought this map was really fun! But why hate vinegar, its perfect for reductions and sweet and sour sauces, plus balsamic vinaigrette is amazing :P
Shin Rekkoha
said Nov 26, 2014
I think that in my mind, I understand that I like vinegar for a lot of uses (especially salad dressings).  But in my mouth, Salt and Vinegar chips taste like death wrapped in old shoes.
said Nov 27, 2014
Fair enough, salt and vinegar lays are my least favorite as well.
said Nov 27, 2014
i was wondering why shin made a towelie map

then i read the description
said Nov 27, 2014
Confusing route but good map. 4/5 only because it doesn't visually look good.
said Nov 27, 2014
Salt and vinegar potato chips are the best!

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