My Way

by Shin Rekkoha
created Nov 15, 2014
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map notes

   This is a test in more ways than one.  This time, I can finally create the sort of intricate obstacles that I could never do before Dustforce DX.  There are lots of cool ideas within my head that don't work in practice, because Dustworth will just come along and destroy any obstacle below a certain size with one heavy attack.  Well not today he won't, because attacks and supers are disabled on this map!  I hope you all are ready for some dustblocks, because you're playing this map my way.

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Probably not Towelie
said Nov 15, 2014
Really cool obstacles to go through, I especially liked the dash back and forth to clear the slime-blocks, then the section with the slime-golems. If you know what to do it's really fun so 5/5 from me.
Shin Rekkoha
said Nov 15, 2014
Thanks, I consider that high praise coming from you.  I wanted to make one map focusing on a specific one of those things... but I decided that a little bit of everything would be more fun.
said Nov 15, 2014
Sir Useless
said Nov 16, 2014
Cool map Shin :)
I think that there will be more of these types of maps with restrictions and that DX really makes it possible to use a lot more ideas and concepts in mapmaking.
said Nov 16, 2014
said Nov 16, 2014
I like the concept but the beginning feels needlessly cramped.
Looks pretty.
said Nov 16, 2014
Beautiful visuals!

The gameplay is fun, but I hope taking away abilities doesn't become too popular. I can handle it only every once in a while.

Shin Rekkoha
said Nov 16, 2014
I can confidently say this won't become popular.  I might do something like it again, but that's probably it.
said Nov 28, 2014
I applied my usual cheese and general incompetence to the level, I hope you enjoy that.
said May 28, 2015
This was really fun, got an S in completion with DustKid
Shin Rekkoha
said Jun 1, 2015
The part with all the slime golems is my favorite.  Every time I see it, it makes me happy.

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