Dust an erronious fanfic

by ajsninkers
created Nov 15, 2014
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map notes
A map about climbing things and then shouting as you fail to. Mwahaha! Rated I for Insane!


said Nov 15, 2014
the map doesn't end as far as I can tell.
said Nov 15, 2014
Rated I for "I can't believe I just got all the dust I could only to find out that I couldn't reach all the dust because it was impossible to reach in some areas because it was crammed in some crevices that were impossible to reach and then I go to kill the last turkey and find out that they weren't tied to any goal flags."
said Nov 15, 2014
You can get all the dust. jumping down lights from the left get the ones in crevices and supers get any completely unmissable ones.

You still can't finish the level though :(
said Nov 15, 2014
I tried supering and it still couldn't reach them. A replay would show all, but....
said Nov 15, 2014
I can verify that it's possible to get all the dust. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean it's fun. It doesn't matter either way since it's impossible to complete.
said Nov 15, 2014
Literally what doicm said.
said Nov 15, 2014
Literally what jvcpro said
Probably not Towelie
said Nov 15, 2014
Literally what bird said
said Nov 15, 2014
Literally what towelie said
said Nov 15, 2014
Literally what gamer1197 said
Shin Rekkoha
said Nov 15, 2014
Like, the map is garbage... that much is agreed upon.  I just want to ask if you (the author) ever even once tried to collect all the dust while testing the map?  Or if you tested it at all?  You didn't test it did you?  No, no I don't think you did.  In the future, please at least make maps completable.  Then, even if the map is horrible, people can get some joy from watching the replays of the brave souls who completed it.
said Nov 16, 2014
Based on the comments, I'm not going to download this map and subject myself to torture, but I must say, the thumbnail image for the map is very pretty.  5 Stars!

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