test facility Dash

by zanzoc
created Nov 8, 2014
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map notes
This is for beginners and is only training. It is not a good map nor a good looking one. I Like it ( but I made it so it does not count! ) and I hope you like it too!!! Any thought on the map? Post it in the comments!

Fixed things
The Music does not change for every room
(Thanks for the comment man! (^_^)/ )


Luke's Cat
said Nov 8, 2014
Not sure if it was intended or not, but the roof pulls you off the ground when you want to keep going forward.
said Nov 8, 2014
A few things:

The first tip you give players is to double jump and downdash into the ramp.  The problem here is that you don't give enough space for the double jump or even a single jump to be efficient.

Upon entering the second room, there is zero space between you and the ceiling, which forces you off the ground and prevents you from getting speed.

Upon completing that room, there is an unnecessary key and lock.  This kills all of your speed.

On all of the spike jump portions, you use a killbox instead of flat-surface spikes...just seemed kinda ass-backwards to me.
said Nov 9, 2014
The map is just for training, so it was made just to jump around and test stuff and work them out for your self :)
I made this map for me and a friend, so it is not a "PRO" map. If I make a new map, I will consider what you said ^_^
Regards/ zanzoc

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