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by Oten
created May 4, 2012
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map notes
So I experimented a bit more with that wall climb oddity.

Maybe I took it a bit too far.

(edit, morning of May 5)
FUNFAX about "zippers" (which I guess I'm calling them now, thanks to Axon)

- Dashing inside a zipper will warp you through the wall (as Matt mentioned below, you're going inside a solid tile and there's no collision inside them)
- Zippers 17 blocks or higher will warp the character through walls when they end
- Zippers only work for up to 25 blocks. After that - yeah, warp.
- Chains of 16 block zippers with 1 block gaps between them can go on as long as you like.
edited May 5, 2012


said May 4, 2012
I'm not entirely sure why but I had more fun than I should have while attempting to speed run this level. I can't stop playing it.
said May 5, 2012
holy shit. you did it. you found zipping in dustforce

i love you
said May 5, 2012
Wow this is very cool. I wonder if this will get fixed. I would love using this in one of my my maps :o
said May 5, 2012
Not going to fix
said May 5, 2012
For anyone curious about why this works:
There's a heap of different tile types to cover different shapes: solid tiles, 45 degrees, -45, half the slope of 45 etc. The ones that are half of 45 take up two blocks and if you remove half of it it actualy has no edge in between them.
So you jump up and don't hit your head because there's no bottom edge on that half of the tile, and the edges are all directional, so when you get high enough it registers a hit on the ground and pulls you out of the ground, which makes you high enough to register touching the ground on the next one up, and so on...
There shouldn't be any limit on it, but if you have horizontal momentum you will go through the wall to the right because once you're inside the solid area there's no solid edge between solid tiles, only outer edges.
said May 5, 2012
now how in the seventh fuck do you figure something like that out?!

haha fun level man, i didnt see it coming at all
said May 5, 2012
Man, these are a grand pain to make, wish there was a copy+paste function. Awesome find!
said May 6, 2012
Super Administrator
Sweet.  There's other cool combinations of illegal tiles that do interesting things.  One way doors, horizontal boosters, etc.  Try to find them all!  We only know of a few.

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