by Brilhante
created Oct 25, 2014
350 views | 635 downloads

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said Oct 25, 2014
please leave comment xD
said Oct 25, 2014
I don't think i would have been able to comment if you hadn't commented first..... PLEASE make your maps visible, they would be really fun if i could see what i was doing.

TL;DR (pls its like 2 lines) can't see shit.
Probably not Towelie
said Oct 25, 2014
I get it, you are making these to troll. Can we all agree not to download this guys maps? It's getting pretty stupid at this point.
said Oct 25, 2014
seriosuly how the fuck am I suppuse to see something. don't even bother to download
said Oct 25, 2014
Very cool visuals, but it screws up the pathing and knowing where to go.
said Oct 25, 2014
I actually quite like the visuals, it adds a different challenge.
said Oct 25, 2014
I really do like how the maps look, but I can't play them in the least. I enjoy looking at them for a few seconds, but I download the maps to look at them for a few seconds. I wish I could see the rest of the map, but I can't finish the levels due to how poor of a player I feel like I am when I play them.

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