Engine Fauna

by DoughNation
created Sep 27, 2014
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edited Nov 9, 2016


said Sep 27, 2014
Alas, the poor janitor having found herself trapped on the inside of an engine, she didn't know quite what to do with herself. Should she look for an exit? Then she noticed a trail of dust leading towards a strange, leaf-esque creature floating in midair. What was it exactly? A bird? A turkey? She couldn't quite tell. A faint squeak made her notice that it was actually a squirrel engulfed in dust leaves! Quickly she jumped up and saved the squirrel with one fell swoop of her broom, letting it fall to the ground and scamper to safety. Then in the corner of her eye the janitor spotted more dust on a cliff-side leading up to an enclave filled with spikes! In the center of the spikes were two more dustbirds, trapped, whom only she could help. Without hesitation she leaped up and saved the two little creatures from a fate, if she had not happened by, she doesn't want to imagine.

What our cute brave young protagonist did not anticipate was that now there was no ground beneath her. She starts falling downwards, unaware of what may lay in her future. Luckily there was a slope beneath her so she could transfer her vertical momentum horizontally. Suddenly, without realizing, she was sliding on a ceiling of dust that was evaporating behind her as she passed it. She wisely decided to keep dashing one she reached the ground and saw a long plane of spikes ahead of her. Looking down, an odd totem like creature was rushing forward. It was looking right at her! Quickly she  swatted her broom downwards and dashing into another pit.

This time she fell through leaves onto a black rocky surface. Was this the exhaust pipe? Her expertise in colossal sized engines was sorely lacking. There was metal and chains and gears all around her, along with even more dustbirds. She kept moving forwards, naturally cleaning along her way as any janitor would, and she found herself staring straight into the jaws of a wolf. What was a wolf doing stuck in an engine? At any rate, she nimbly jumped over it and kept on her way. Looking back at the wolf, she saw that it fell off the edge of a cliff and dispensary. "This keeps getting peculiarer and peculiarer!" She declared. "Why would anyone be so cruel as to force these animals to do these things?"

She found herself standing atop big mechanical blocks with wires inside of them. Perhaps if she cleans up all of the dust animals the engine will return to proper order? None of the gears she had seen so far had actually been in motion. Continuing onward she dropped down another opening and found herself in front of another totem. However, this totem was about four times as large as the first one! What could cause the totems to become different sizes? Suddenly it jumped upwards. The first totem didn't do that... It started falling towards her. She dashed out of the way and quickly started swiping at it. This one took a lot more attacks than the other creatures.

There was a lot more open space around her now, and she felt like falling down was not a good idea anymore. She climbed up on these metal blocks floating in midair. How did they stay afloat? She saw a Dustforce logo in the background. Falling downwards she saw what looked to be the core of the engine, with a bunch of birds and two new creatures. She used her special attack and everything was good and rainbows! :D
said Sep 28, 2014
7/10, disappeared = dispensary?
said Sep 28, 2014
Fun map, there are some neat ideas. In particularly I liked a lot  the section with the ceiling slide + hit the little totem.

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