Ruins of Harvest

by fireball
created Sep 7, 2014
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map notes
A re upload something like 20 seconds later... was missing some important spikes, that I'm pretty sure I had already fixed.

A forest temple style level, something between what would be a normal level to me, and some night temple inspiration, good artists copy, great artists steal, I steal but am a lousy artist.  Less lazy then some of my levels, still pretty lazy.

I remembered music and my checkpoints are facing the right direction, I should be proud.

Also I'm convinced rain emitters are some kind of lag emitters, but I wanted to toy with using them, I didn't have lag with this method, but if you do, please whine directly to me, then tell me the proper way to place the things.
edited Sep 7, 2014


said Sep 8, 2014
I made a mistake in having a 66 degree angle next to a 45 degree angle, the 45 degree angle is considered a ceiling, the 66 degree angle is a wall, so you can accidently get a boost that you wouldn't want to take directly into spikes.  Sorry about that, I'll try to avoid that in future levels.
edited Sep 8, 2014
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 8, 2014
You could possibly put a 1 tile void where the two slopes meet to prevent this.  It looks stupid if you do that, but a clever prop placement or layer 20 tile, or other little arty things can mask it, and solve all problems.  I'm personally more concerned with the lack of checkpoint in the air, or at all, before the BLIND FALL into a slope boost that you have to nail perfectly because you need your second air charge to clear the next section, in a spiked hallway where you can't get enough height to retry.
edited Sep 8, 2014
said Sep 8, 2014
For my mistake, it's more that I didn't know that it was so easy to get a boost at that angle combination, I could've just placed more spikes to make where you needed to jump more obvious and it would've been fine.  It's the deception, more then the death that is the problem.

As far as the blind drop, you only need to hit the dash at the end to make it, which you should have time to react to.  You don't need to do any dashing before that, just be holding down when you land, you do need to know that it is there to press down, but it also won't be getting a checkpoint when it's 8 seconds into the level.  I probably could've widened the camera a bit, but beyond that I like the setup for that particular construct.
said Sep 8, 2014
^ that annoyed me a little
said Sep 8, 2014
y so rain
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 8, 2014
I had to lower some of my settings to play this map without lag.  Can't run at 60 FPS with maxed settings... 1/5.  Such frown.
said Sep 8, 2014
I'll probably not use rain emitters anymore than, until someone shows me a way that looks good but doesn't lag up.
said Sep 9, 2014
Your computer must suck. I had no problems even without my gfx card running.
said Sep 13, 2014
can't play without lag either
said Sep 8, 2014
great map, had a tonne of fun, I love the rain ( it doesn't lag for me? does rain cause lag just incase I put it in one of my maps). Its challenging and can see myself spending a long time trying to get a double SS =] great work mate i really like ^^

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