by Yeti
created Aug 16, 2014
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map notes
[F]irst map ;]
Wanted to learn the level editor. I feel like this might have a bit too much zigging and zagging to flow well, but it was fun to make. Comments/criticism welcome since I'm a level design noob.
retagged Aug 16, 2014


Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 16, 2014
My first recommendation is just to add some tags.  Maybe... Dustworth, First Map, Such Zig, Much Zag.  Those are just a few ideas.  Might also be a good idea to add a music trigger, since "Safe place to sleep" plays by default and is too sleepy to be suitable for most maps.  Then again, with my luck you should probably not take my advice on map music... ever.
edited Aug 16, 2014
said Aug 16, 2014
Oh yeah I totally forgot about music. Good point, I'll remember that next time :p
said Aug 16, 2014
I really enjoyed this map, and it may take a bit to route considering I had very little understanding in where to be directed to (it didn't have much flow, like you indicated). You can use arrows to direct flow, if you feel that's necessary. You can also use the camera to help direct flow, although that can sometimes destroy flow if done incorrectly (like if it's done too restrictively).
said Aug 17, 2014
I'd strongly recommend not using arrows.
said Aug 16, 2014
Needs more zetta slopes, giga walls, bears, porcupines, and doges.
10/10, was fun.
said Aug 17, 2014
The start was the clunkiest because of the really REALLY odd shape.
said Jun 20, 2023
Your levels make the game even more exciting.

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