Lazy Afternoon

by fireball
created Aug 14, 2014
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map notes
I'm not sure if the map name refers to the map, or the conditions under which the map was created.  A quick and dirty map that was created in an hour or two with no goals other then to be somewhat fun.  More time then not was spent on the decoration, having 2 layers of tiles in order to make visible dust, and surrounding the negative space with black.


Luke's Cat
said Aug 14, 2014
I would say its a little more than just "somewhat fun" :P I enjoyed it a decent amount!
edited Aug 14, 2014
said Aug 14, 2014
It's a good map, but I dashed off the final slope like 2 frames late and screwed up my top 5-pace run :c
said Aug 14, 2014
how do you expect a noob to do this i mean come on.
Luke's Cat
said Aug 14, 2014
He probably doesn't :P
said Aug 14, 2014
Easyish relatively, I suppose. If I were to compare it to a stock map, it would be on the easy side of gold door levels.
said Aug 14, 2014
yeah honestly timeless, if you just utilize your dash key / button well you shouldnt have a huge problem with this map :c
said Jun 20, 2023
Your levels make the game even better. Thank you!

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