by slasher
created Aug 10, 2014
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map notes
I do not know is it normal?but one day I was asleep and I dreamed that I play dustforce, and here I saw this...
sorry if this was a bad idea to publish this map.
Have a nice day:)


said Aug 10, 2014
Can't see shit, captain.
said Aug 10, 2014
Can't see captain, shit
said Aug 10, 2014
Captain see shit, can't
said Aug 11, 2014
See can't captain, shit
said Aug 10, 2014
this map is a map
said Aug 10, 2014
OK,thanks next time I'll be better.Thanks for coments.
said Aug 10, 2014
The map is ok, but that background doe.
said Aug 10, 2014
Overall it isnt a bad map, there are a few spots that are silly though.

For example, this is bad http://puu.sh/aMtWv/592dd35fe8.png because its too small a space to reliably land on from such a distance and with such a huge camera.

And this is bad http://puu.sh/aMtYh/a6b86e21b8.png because it kills you if you slide off the end. I'm not even sure what you intended the strat to be for this spot, but nothing seems to work well for it.

You jump camera sizes too quickly, which makes the camera jerky, and the map hard to follow. Try to have more camera size nodes along the way to smoothly transition without huge changes at once in camera size
said Aug 10, 2014
git gud
Probably not Towelie
said Aug 10, 2014
Started playing, didn't really have too many problems with it and then the second picture of eklipz's came up and I immediately exited out. That is something you would find if you had tested it which, you obviously did not.
said Aug 10, 2014
What shit, where?
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 10, 2014
2 ugly 4 me.
said Aug 10, 2014
Did you ever try dustgirl on this map? She is basically invisible.
said Aug 18, 2014
Consider having playtesters before publishing a map. It's not very easy on the eyes.
said Aug 18, 2014
why do people make such amazing backgrounds for such bad maps?
you should watch some of the lower-end replays to see what things people have trouble on. That's one great thing about the replay system that is often overlooked, it lets you see normal people playing the level. I mean, it's way better to have testers beforehand - but if you publish something and people are complaining, you can watch a few replays and learn exactly why.

one thing, though - it's okay to have crazy backgrounds, but you should NOT have a difficult or long level with a crazy background, or it becomes impossible for players to do anything. If you took this background and just used it for a short map with no spikes, or an arena map or something, then it would work perfectly well and you wouldn't have to tone down the background at all, except just using the normal character sprite because virtual characters look terrible against bright backgrounds
said Apr 9, 2023
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