Rocky Shore

by videohead
created Jul 25, 2014
288 views | 651 downloads

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map notes
My 2nd map! I spent a lot more time on this one.
Feel free to leave constructive criticism. Also there is an easy to find easter egg.


Probably not Towelie
said Jul 25, 2014
Although it's obvious you have an extremely good feel for how to make a level flow, there are two parts that break it up. The large gap in the beginning makes the player slow down in mid air or sometimes even miss dust on the far platform, the zetta slope you have has dust on the ceiling which is sometimes missed as a result of getting a good boost. Also, in terms of the camera, the final slope is almost not visible when doing the spike jumps which can make it a bit annoying to accomplish. Just some things to look out for in the next level. Anyways the level looks great and if taken at just the right speed plays very cleanly. Nice job!
said Jul 26, 2014
Wow, thanks for the comment! I'll be sure to take your thoughts into account on my next map.
said Jul 25, 2014
moar flow than all my maps combined. keppo
said Jul 26, 2014
This is actually super fun. Listen to towelie. There are a few mistakes here and there, but generally , a great level.
said Jul 26, 2014
Very fun to play. That camera at the last slope can really screw with you though.

Just listen to Towelie's advice, and you're on your way to making some great maps. I look forward to your next one! :D

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