Ledge cancel

by EklipZ
created Jul 1, 2014
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map notes
Alrighty, so this is a map to practice ledge cancels on, and to demo just how much time quick double dashes and tight ledge cancels can save.

Use dustworth, and remember, extra dashes as dustworth after a ledge cancel will stop you from reaching full running speed, as dustworths dash speed is less than his run speed.

My run (EklipZ) will be done with a double dash macro to simulate the dual shift allowed rule. You'll notice there are 3-4 frames between my dashes (3 is the minimum).
Lets see just how much time the quick double dashes can save on 6 ledge cancels.
The MacroMan entry is also me using the macro.

(for reference, 5 frames between dashes is usually as fast as Thor with 1 key can go, and he's the fastest double-dasher we have).

This means that the double dash macro / 2 key setup can theoretically be saving around 2 frames per ledge cancel, all other things equal, which should yield roughly a 0.2 second lead over single key dashers on this map. (Or hideout SS, for example, which also has 6 ledge cancels)
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said Jul 2, 2014
I'm better than a macro :p

Edit: not anymore D:
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said Jul 2, 2014
not any more :D

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