First Cave

by Shin Rekkoha
created Jun 28, 2014
478 views | 798 downloads

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map notes
First Cave is my first map as well a a cave: bet you couldn't figure that out!  I think I'll be putting secret rooms into my maps where possible (3 in this one).   This is a fairly easy map that even a noob like myself can beat consistently, so just have fun with it.

Special thanks to everyone in the Dustforce IRC helping me test this map and fix major problems.

Looking back on it months later, this map embodies so many things wrong with first maps that I really wish I had learned more stock maps and more about flow before I started in the editor.  I won't take it down because maybe it can be a learning experience for someone else.
edited Nov 23, 2014


Shin Rekkoha
said Jun 28, 2014
I uploaded a replay showing the 3 secret areas if you want to cheat yourself out of the fun of exploration feel free to view it.
said Jun 28, 2014
Fun to route any%s, although I hate bears so much I'm not gonna do SS :c
said Jun 29, 2014
You guysss

Stop reuploading maps, and especially don't delete the older one - release a finished map, and if you're worried about the gameplay quality, give it to some people in the IRC or something.

The map itself is a lot of fun, too - maybe a few too many bears :p
Shin Rekkoha
said Jun 29, 2014
I only took it down because someone specifically told me not to upload unfinished maps.  So the way that I get feedback on maps during their creation is to upload it then immediately hide it but save the download link.  Don't get me wrong, that feels pretty dumb.  But you guys decided that it's wrong to upload unfinished maps.  So this is a damned if you do/damned if you don't situation for me apparently.
said Jun 29, 2014
You can upload your map file to dropbox or some other filesharing service and distribute it that way. No need to upload it on atlas.
said Jun 29, 2014
Oh, that's fair enough.Sorry.
said Jun 29, 2014
why would you put spikes at the end of a slope like that at the beginning, it just makes it awkward

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