Night Guard

by Riokaii
created Mar 30, 2014
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map notes
Was gonna be a cmr map but 2 weeks and no race so i'm just uploading it instead


said Mar 30, 2014
Pretty cool map design, it actually made me think a little bit. It really annoyed me how easily it was to die on spikes though, like the slopes push you into them if you don't go slow and some of the jumps are strange.

edit: I had the old version, this one is much worse and not cool map design at all.
edited Mar 30, 2014
said Mar 30, 2014
it was made for the cmr, only a few spike patches should kill you. and the main one is prolly the drop to the left. I made that an assissted super drop to encourage people to super drop it, going from wall to wall was intentionally made harder
said Mar 30, 2014
The super drop is really strange since you're at slope boost speed going into it before you turn right.  I get how its supposed to assist you but I sorta feel like it'd be easier if it was a regular super drop since the irregular shape makes it sorta weird to approach when you go at that speed.
said Mar 30, 2014
Cool map! Like a lot the map design... except the super drop because I'm not able to do it ahahah

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