Mountain Throughway

by Texel
created Mar 20, 2014
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map notes
Par time is to finish under a minute.

Fun map that takes you out and around a small cave, with a light focus on ceiling slides. Not really a challenge map, fits in with stock forest maps.

Pretty nicely mixed map. Thanks to those of you who watched me make it on Twitch.
retagged Mar 20, 2014


Captain Syrup
said Mar 20, 2014
The camera was really distracting, I wish it gave me a bit more space and let me see quicker what was coming up. Otherwise a lot of fun, good flow, fun route. Nice map. :)
said Mar 20, 2014
Beautiful work! Nice you did all the background work and it looks similar to a hitbox map! Sometimes I was annoyed by the camera and sometimes I had difficulties seeing the difference between map and background. Other than that it's really great :D
said Mar 20, 2014
The atmosphere of the map is lovely. I was playing without in-game music on and thought it was great that way. Imagine my surprise when I turned the music volume up, and I found out you had designed it to be ambient!
said Mar 20, 2014
Lovely looking map, but really really awkward and next to no flow. Aesthetics come second imo.
said Mar 20, 2014
I'm not sure what your issue was with the flow, I did notice you were making a bit of a mess with heavy-hitting enemies then having to go back and collect the dust. Was there any particular part of the flow you had trouble with?
said Mar 20, 2014
I don't really see how there's no flow... and the only part that felt awkward to me was the part just before you exit the first cave (I found a way to make it less awkward though). Overall a really nice map... but yeah the camera needs some work
said Mar 20, 2014
There's a lot of spots where you lose your speed, and is overall very linear. Maps that feel slow just tend to not be fun to me. Still rated a 4.
said Mar 24, 2014
said Mar 20, 2014
Not bad for a first map. :D Like everyone said the camera needs work. Zooming in too much I've learned can be hard to play and see what is coming and those blind drops that make me dash into a deathzone are also not fun. Anyway good job. Can't wait to see more maps from you.
said Mar 20, 2014
After playing it more. I restate my opinion.
said Mar 20, 2014
Very fun map to figure out and run with any character, great job! I echo the sentiments about the camera, and you shouldn't shut off areas with invisible deadzones - it's kind of frustrating to hit them when you're doing nothing "wrong".
said Mar 20, 2014
have to agree that it is awkward and lacks flow. Checkpoints are placed in midair, and the camera is very annoying

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