Hidden Cavern

by Bbop800
created Feb 28, 2014
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map notes
Woah, a hidden cavern!

But where does it go...?

Worked on this on and off throughout the past week. Quite a few hours were spent decorating/optimizing the level as well.

Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and dustman/girl are highly recommended... I spent no time whatsoever testing it for dustworth or kid. :B
retagged Jun 5, 2014


said Feb 28, 2014
Nice map. Only thing I don't like is the darkening at the end, feels like my screen is going to sleep. Fun to figure out the kinda janky spots and make them faster.
said Mar 1, 2014
Fun map, nice flow!
said Mar 1, 2014
That ceiling slide is really weird for some reason. Sometimes when I take it it stops me from inputting commands for a moment and I fly into the spikes and die.

Love the map though, it flows beautifully.
said Mar 2, 2014
Yeah, I found it strange too. You have to stop holding up at a pretty specific time so you let go of the ceiling sooner. I would have made it end sooner, but that would make it easier. >:P

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