Sanguine Cliffside

by Seight
created Feb 1, 2014
733 views | 662 downloads

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map notes
Created for the race, hopefully not too hard. >_>


said Feb 1, 2014
Summit in Hell... if Hell even has a summit that is ;)  PS. Thanks for the hernia during CMR today. This map killed me T___T. PSS. I don't understand why everyone hated on this map post-CMR though. I thought it was well designed <3
edited Feb 1, 2014
said Feb 1, 2014
Yep, I actually wanted a map similar to summit because that level is awesome. The red is just there because its my favorite color so half of my maps are just me throwing a splash of it on everything.

I guess I kind of went overboard with the difficulty, especially for a race map, but I guess its too late to go back and fix that now. Sorry for those that had problems SSing it. :(
said Feb 2, 2014
This level is bugged.  Its too awesome to be this hard!

More seriously, its really fun, probably shouldn't be a race map though.
edited Feb 2, 2014
said Feb 2, 2014
Yep lesson learned on that one haha. Glad you liked it Kumlekar.
said Feb 4, 2014
I played a bit more your map and finally I can write a more fair comment: really liked it!
Some tricks, that involves enemies, are really fun.

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