Synthetic Caves

by Korynn
created Jan 18, 2014
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map notes
First attempt at making a level. I was originally going to try harder at the scenery but I'm sick of working on this now because it's really not all that good. Regardless, I figure I may as well post it.

Not too challenging, a lot of this was me just experimenting in the editor and going with whatever came out. There's some secrets, there's a way to skip 90% of the level if you know where to look, all fun stuff. Also probably way too much dust.

Constructive critique would be much appreciated, I do plan to make more (better) levels in the future.

v2, I removed all the annoying foreground stuff and changed a few things to make the level a bit less of a hassle after watching some replays.


said Jan 18, 2014
Really nice! Though I advice you to place the checkpoint nearer to the ground so that you spawn standing instead of mid air and turning them so that you face the right direction as you spawn. Other than that my only complaint is that I felt there was too much dust. especially at the end with a 3+ second super.

ps. I love the secrets :D
said Jan 18, 2014
Yeah, I figured I went a bit overboard with the dust, definitely plan to tone it down in future levels.
Which checkpoint(s) in particular are you talking about? And I didn't actually know you could turn checkpoints so that's definitely nice to know~
said Jan 20, 2014
Mouse button 4 switches the direction of checkpoints, the start location and enemies.

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