Rocky Descent

by DustBear
created Sep 19, 2013
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map notes
Experiment #2 with making a map.
Took advice and at least made some effort to make things pretty.
I think I still like the look of a single hit prism compared to floating nurses so I think those are here to stay.

Made this one a little harder.
Also experimented with using breakable blocks to carry forward momentum on ceilings instead of typical ceiling runs.

Still looking for constructive feedback.
Above all, enjoy.

I actually hid 4 easter eggs in this one as well so if you get bored there's little bits here and there.

EDIT: This Is the Corrected Copy with tweaks I made with suggestions from Badger and Kuroonehalf.

Took some advice and removed the troublesome start. tweaked the platforming, added checkpoints and deathzones.

Some deathzones just take you back to the beginning since theres no real good way to re-establish momentum.


said Sep 19, 2013
Very cool map! The arrows that meld in with the decor is a really awesome touch. Other than that the flow is really smooth and it's fun to play!
said Sep 19, 2013
This version runs smoother but I'm watching replays and I'm watching people have to pull back on the second slope before the first ceiling section. I'm not quite awesome at the game yet so I didn't think to compensate more for that.

Oh.. and I'm an idgit. Thanks for the compliments :)
edited Sep 19, 2013
said Sep 19, 2013
You can always have people test them for you if you're worried about certain mechanics not working the way you want. I know the people on irc like to help out with that, or just add people on steam, most people are friendly enough to give you a hand, myself included. :)

Edit:Oh I'm dumb, you already did that. Ah well.
said Sep 19, 2013
Which irc channel?

Additionally, I guess this is as good a place as any to ask people if they want to help me test out stuff. I've been getting great feedback from ghtrost but the more the merrier.

Just leave your steam tags and you too can be a part of the beta process :B
said Sep 19, 2013
I believe its the DustForce irc channel on I've never been, so you'd have to ask someone like Kuro. If you want to add me its just Seight on steam.

But yeah after having a chance to play it this map is pretty damn good, so I wouldn't worry about it!
said Sep 19, 2013
nice map :)
said Sep 19, 2013
danke <3
said Sep 19, 2013
Good stuff! I really like your ceiling slides, although I wasn't able to pull these off as consistently as the one in your first map. Great flow, though.

There is also such a thing as too many/too easy secrets, by the way :p
said Sep 19, 2013
Thanks. I noticed in testing that ceiling slides were possible but I really tried to encourage hitting the blocks as a faster way across which is why the ceilings are almost obnoxiously high.

And... the map went through a couple iterations before it was done so I know there are a few too many easter eggs that are frankly quite easy to find. I just couldn't be arsed to kill all the triggers etc. involved.
said Sep 20, 2013
That poor engineer..
I took it to mean more than "... because y'know I'm stuck in a pit," like he's just been away on this job for months! :(

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