by Tropicallo
created Sep 11, 2013
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map notes
Hi all, sorry I haven't been publishing maps recently, I've been pretty busy and that will probably continue for right now. Apparently this is some unofficial Custom Map Month because everyone is uploading maps constantly nowadays. I should at least try to contribute and finish my own backlog of maps.

This map might be a bit silly in some spots but I hope it's fun. There's a lot of slopes, changing directions, and holding up. It's original purpose was to experiment with more horizontal zips, but it eventually turned into kinda everything. I don't know if you care about any of this but if you're still reading I hope you like it and let me know what you think, thnkyu シ


said Sep 11, 2013
Holy shit that is the longest map that maintains flow THAT well my main problem is the difficulty of seeing dustman

EDIT: this map reminds me of a pirate ship
said Sep 11, 2013
Yeah Tropicallo, I've started this whole custom map competition thing, we're in the middle of the second one now. If you want, check out the reddit post @

Also, love the level <3
said Sep 11, 2013
flow of the centuries
said Sep 11, 2013
fun map:)
said Sep 12, 2013
Awesome as always :)
said Sep 12, 2013
dat flow
said Sep 12, 2013
First of all: amazing map. Very cool use of triangle boosts and for some reason I really liked the camera on this one. Personally I felt like it was too long.
said Sep 13, 2013
This is great! I'm stealing some ideas kthx
said Sep 13, 2013
this is weird:
died there running into a flat wall.  literally never seen it before playing this map o.O

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